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Physician Education Awareness Training In Malaysia | Presentation From Prof. Dr. Mike Chan

Published on 11.04.2019 on https://www.vitalnews.de/physician-education-awareness-training-in-malaysia-185418/

On March 27-28, the long-awaited Physician Education Awareness Training took place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The two-day workshop covered presentations and debates on stem cells, cells and peptide therapy in regenerative medicine and hormonal modulation.

Workshop And Full Training Program On Cell Therapies

During the presentations which covered first hand information by Prof. Dr. Mike Chan about autologous, allogeneic and xenogeneic stem cells, the participants of the workshop were also taught about the safety issues concerning cell therapy.

The main highlight of the workshop which was held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the beautiful seaside city of Kinabalu, was a full training program which included trainings and simulations on cellular therapies & peptide therapies from FCTI, MF3 , MF+, LABRMS.

At the end of the workshop, every participant was handed a certificate of participation issued by European Wellness Academy, in addition to a membership from IACT and IASCT.

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, who is co-owner of the European Wellness International Group, Germany, with a chain of international biological, intergrative and regenerative medical clinics all over the world led the workshop and made a positive conclusion:

“The workshop was a great success for us. We are very happy that we were able to provide great value to the participants. This is an exciting time in medical history to be able to develop cell therapy services and delay the aging process and fight almost any disease, without the need of prescribing drugs. At Villa Medica, we help hundreds of thousands people every year to get in healthier conditions this way.“

Villa Medica: A Regenerative Medicine Clinic

The Villa Medica is a regenerative medicine clinic based in Edenkoben, Germany with over 50 years of clinical experience. The doctors are specialized in the field of cell therapy. Cell therapy is known for drastically optimising productivity and improving the quality of life. People who undergo cell therapy as a rejuvenation therapy have experienced many positive effects such as improvement of sleep quality, more energy and preventive measures against chronic health conditions.

Villa Medica is owned and led by Prof. Dr. Mike Chan who gained his reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious researchers in the field of anti-aging, regenerative, nutritional and biological medicine. He is renowned as one of the scientists who introduce cellular therapy, bio molecular medicine in the 80’s and stem cell research to Asia in the early 90’s.

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan owns and leads ten clinics and centers which provide regenerative medicine. He also serves as Director of Research and Senior Technical Consultant for world-renowned anti-aging brands. He is also a member of several scientific committees such as the International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation in the USA, the International Association of Cell Therapy in Geneva in Switzerland and the European Wellness Academy of Integrative Biological Medicine in Germany.