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A 2022 collaboration endorsed by the IACT & IASCT

European Wellness Academie’s Associate Certification Program

The European Wellness Academy (EWA) Associate Certification journey with The Philippine Academy of Aesthetic & Age Management Inc. (PAAAMMI) has reached its first milestone!This collaboration is endorsed by the IACT https://iact-europe.com/ & IASCT https://iasct.org/

Almost 100 PAAAMMI members have been awarded the Certificate of Attendance for completing their first half of EWA Associate Certification.

The EWA Associate Certification 2022 commenced on 20th April 2022 with the main purpose to expand participants’ knowledge in Biological Regenerative Medicine and contributes to the development of successful treatments and solutions for their global clients. It consists of over 40 webinars conducted by EWA’s subject matter experts Senior Speakers and Specialist Facilitators. This course expanded to over seven (7) months leading to the grand convocation in Manila in December 2022.